About us
Name of Company : Buyaka Real Estate and Investment
Shopping Mall Renting and Management : Navispera Real Estate Project and Investment Management
Architect’s Plan : Uras x Dilekci
Known for their innovative and modern designs and projects, ‘Durmuş Dilekci- Emir Uras’ belongs to one of the leading architect’s offices. ‘Durmuş Dilekci- Emir Uras’ was found in 2003.

In their projects Uras & Dilekci focus on creativity, research, advanced structural systems and their applications.

Having constructed numerous shopping centers, residences, office and business centers, hotels, health care centers and exhibition halls, Uras&Dilekci have also contributed to internal designs of restaurants, entertainment centers and various stores. They have earned many rewards regarding both their abstract projects and solid outcomes.

Durmuş Dilekci
Born in Izmit, 1970. Received his Bachelor’s degree in architecture at Ankara Gazi University in 1992. He further received his Master’s degree in architecture from Istanbul Technical University in 1996. Dilekci merged his architectural company with that of Emir Uras in 2003 in which they have been working together under the name of Uras & Dilekci till then.

Emir Uras
Born in Istanbul, 1966. Received his Bachelor’s degree from London Architecture Association (AA) in 1991 and his Master’s degree from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC) in 1996. Uras started his architectural career in Los Angles and still proceeds in Istanbul with Durmus Dilekci in their company; Uras & Dilekci.

Architectural Concept
Buyaka is distinct in numerous aspects from its competitors. Rather than uniting residences, business and shopping centers under a single-purpose structure, Buyaka has been formalized on multipurpose design. This modern architectural creation allows great mobility and efficient usage of time. In general the structure possesses algorithmically created shapes and cleverly positioned lighting on its outer most layer.

Facades of residence and business centers have a black coverage between islands of large glass windows. High-rise towers are specially designed to provide residents with flexibility and mobility. All towers are surrounded with green courts and leisure rest areas.

Rather than a shallow and artificial theme, Buyaka acquires an innovative and futuristic architecture. Internal design of the shopping center is in concordance with its outer looks. Fragmentations, usage of sunlight and material selections all go in harmony and provide a smooth transition between the inner and outer layers of the shopping center.
Buyaka counts as a ‘Mix use’ project of Istanbul’s asian side; with its residences, shopping center and business towers, Buyaka combines work climate with everyday life perfectly…

Shopping Center
  • Indoor area including parking area: 116.932 m2
  • Commercial area: 32.499 m2
  • 166 stores distributed on 4 floors
  • The parking area has capacity for 1200 vehicles

With its numerous national and international fashion brands, its adventurous kids entertainment as well as its various Cafes and Restaurants with terasse , Buyaka raises a new lifestyle and a sense of difference on Istanbul’s asian side.

With innovative and ergonomic design, Buyaka offices present business owners, employees and customers various opportunities. Overall it has a cosmopolite design merged with the unique sentiment of Istanbul.

Total of towers with 68.986 m²
Business Blocks A and B measures 23.214 m² and 21 floors
Busines Block E measures 22.738 m² and ground+ 22 floors

Work with pleasure in your office, impress your customers and let the employees work with joy; your company will raise in no time.

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